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Gutter cleaning is often overlooked by homeowners, and that combined with our weather and trees can result in a variety of problems. If left unmaintained, your gutter system will eventually become clogged with dirt and debris which can cause water to back up into the home or run down the exterior walls. This deteriorates your home’s foundation potentially cracking it as well as damaging landscaping alongside it. Our professional gutter cleaners are here to help.

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Your gutters protect your home by allowing water to be redirected, but when they become filled with debris they no longer perform as needed. Leaves from nearby trees, pine needles, and even trash blown by the wind can quickly cause your gutters to become clogged. We keep your gutters free of debris year-round so they are ready for those rainy Oregon days.

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After our hand removal of debris from your gutter, we have the ability to flush out any fine sediment and roof granules to ensure maximum flow. Your gutters will look spotless and allow new debris to be properly evacuated during the next storm instead of getting snagged and creating a new clog in your gutters.

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Debris can also accumulate internally in your downspouts causing blockages even when the gutters above are perfectly clean. Not a problem as we have the ability to clear out your downspouts too. This can be a difficult task for someone without the proper tools and equipment, but we have everything necessary to have your gutters in perfect operation.

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We provide different packages for Gutter Cleanings to provide our customers with an affordable cleaning that best fits their needs. We are happy to swing by and inspect your gutters, and let you know our plan of attack to have them working their best. We’ll discuss the exact environmental factors that come into play when determining the best maintenance schedule for your gutters. Our team of Gutter Cleaning professionals will have your mind at ease with before and after photos showing your optimized gutter system. Reach out today to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Gresham Gutter Cleaning Questions

Gutters are installed on homes in regions that receive considerable amounts of rain that would otherwise runoff onto the ground around your home. Gutters save you from ground erosion and foundation damage. If left uncleaned, your gutters won’t evacuate the water and you will end up in the same boat as if you had no gutters at all, or even worse with expensive gutter repairs and foundation damage.

Before the rain is our biggest recommendation. It’s much easier to clean out before things begin breaking down into sludge in your gutters. With that being said, once your gutters have been properly cleaned out you should maintain them at least annually. Homes near a lot of trees may need to be cleaned a couple times a year to maintain optimum performance and avoid any damage.

We can provide you with a free gutter inspection to see exactly what’s required to get them properly flowing again. We measure your gutters and charge for the total linear feet. If we run into any clogged downspouts, we will discuss additional cleaning costs before proceeding.

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